Introducing the awesome Imogen Rodgers

We caught up with Imi last month and thought we would take the time to share a bit about her given her incredible success in swimming to date.

Imogen is one of the long standing PSC team members having joined the club at 9 years of age. Since then, the success she has achieved in the pool is huge. She qualified for the Victoria State Age Group Championships where she competed last December and won gold medals in the 100 & 200 15 year backstroke. In doing so Imi scored sufficient FINA points from her times to be selected for the Youth Commonwealth Games nomination list and be selected in the Swimming NZ team to compete in Australia at the State Teams Age Short Course Championships in September this year. Over her three years of competing at NAG's and NZ Short Course champs she has won a number of medals helping PSC to some good overall team results at these meets. She is a fine example of what hard work and commitment can achieve and on top of that, she's not doing too badly at school either having been awarded the Scholars Award for a 90+ GPA, Year 11 endorsed with Excellence and is a Tutor Group leader.

So we caught up with Imi and asked her a few questions as she is clearly an inspiration for all our aspiring athletes:

What's your favourite song at the moment?
Imi: (Long pause and lots of thinking) ..... The Tired by Owen Walker ...

How do you prepare for a big swim meet? 

Imi: I don't really ... I try to keep casual and relaxed and not think about it too much. I normally only think about the race 5 minutes before I am about to start. 

What are you thinking when you are standing on the blocks? 

Imi: All I think about is the first lap and smashing it. 

Why do you continue with the early morning starts ... 4:30am is very early. What makes you get out of bed?

Imi: It's easy to get up when I am going to the pool to see a bunch of friends. On top of that I like to achieve my goals and make NZ swim teams. I have learnt that hard work pays off. 

What is one thing swimming has taught you?

Imi: I have been swimming competitively since I was 9, so I have learnt discipline and motivation to win. ... that's two! I am also more independent and organised as a result of swimming and I like all of the little kids on camp and enjoy the chance to lead on camp as well. 

Who is your inspiration? 
Imi: Katie Ledecky because she had such big success at a young age and proved that age doesn't matter in sports. 

What would your message be for a 10 year old who has joined our swim club? 

Imi: To have fun in the pool and not to take yourself too seriously. 

What are the challenges you face on a day to day basis? 

Imi: Sometimes trying to stay awake in class after the early morning starts and generally just juggling training and school work. 

Anyone you would like to give thanks to? 
Imi: Mum and Dad for being the taxi. My friends for having a positive influence and making me happy and my coaches for persevering. 

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years time? 

Imi: At an American University but no idea what I will be studying. 


And Imi, we have no doubt at all that you will achieve your goals. Keep going for GOLD!