television commerical


Are you the next big thing? You could be. All athletes of PSC between the ages of 7-9 years (its ok if you are slightly older or slightly younger) have been invited to be apart of a television commercial being shot at Epsom Girls Grammar School pool on Friday 3rd February from 9a-2pm. For every athlete that attends with their parents, PSC will receive a donation of up to a maximum of $2000 - but only if we are able to get 20 athletes and 10 parents there on the day. If it's less than that, it will be less dosh. But hey, every bit counts right?

This will be a super cool experience. Snacks and lunch provided. Take your togs, goggles, cap and towel as the scene being shot is a swim racing one. Also take some summer clothing for the crowd scenes. That goes for parents too (but not the togs). Preferably no obvious logos on the togs or the clothes please.

If you want to be involved and you wish to have your name in lights one day - please email in the first instance.